Our Involvement
New Age Real Estate Group initiated its first steps in cross border real estate by providing brokerage and consultation services to our clients. Our services are managed in accordance with the highest standards of the leading, established investment houses and consulting firms in the world. Principles such as credibility, loyalty, and devotion to obtain the best possible solution for our clients are central to New Age Real Estate's Group values.

The close relationships New Age Real Estate Group has built and established over a decade with asset owners, real estate entrepreneurs and strategic firms in the global real estate market provide unique opportunities for our clients.

New Age Real Estate Group's Brokerage Department specializes in locating assets according to specific investors' criteria such as: type of asset, required equity, location etc. The brokerage department works in cooperation with leading experienced brokerage and real estate consulting firms to target the most ideal properties. These firms also provide a total service package that includes value assessments, asset management, mortgage services and disposition assistance.
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